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Board of Directors

The first few years of the board was a struggle and board individuals covered expenses for the competition. From a board of three, today we have an average of 20 board members annually. Today, all expenses are covered by the Miss OCU Scholarship Organization. 

No other local competition in Oklahoma, and very few nationwide, enjoy such a financial independence at the Miss OCU Competition. Directors and associates all over the country ask if they can judge the Miss OCU Competition. The Miss OCU Scholarship Board is keenly organized, meets on a regular monthly basis and has a majority of members who have served five years or more. 

Every year, we have a delegation of board members who take time off from their jobs to attend the Miss Oklahoma Competition Week, at their own expense, to accompany Miss OCU. In the past few years, many of our board members have attended the Miss America Competition in Atlantic City not only to experience the excitement, but also to learn more about the system through seminars and trade shows.  

Board of Directors 

Kathy McCracken, CEO 

Darwina Marshall, President and Executive Director 

Angela Wehling, Teen Director

Tess Bullard Knapp

Jaidan Carter

Andrea Depee

Pam Fulk

Marty Fulk

Darla Haiduk

Sarah Beth White

Chad Khoury

Greg McCracken

Candy McFarlane

Janet McWilliams

Robert Powell

Linda Ransom

Tim Ryan

Darci Sisemore

Donald Spurgeon

Marsha Stephenson

Logan Wehling

Chad Khoury, Jaidan Carter, Darwina Marshall, Emerson Holden (Miss OCU's Teen 2023),

Angela Wehling, Evelyn Smith (Miss OCU 2023), Toan Nguyen, Pam Fulk, Marsha Stephenson, Linda Ransom

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